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Solar Snake Shield is a shield with a multi pulse, larger battery and aluminium tube. Twin Pack.

The Silent Snake Repeller works by emitting a variable vibration through the ground every 90 seconds. Snakes within the range are able to detect these vibrations through their body sensors. This vibration would fool snakes into thinking there is danger ahead and bypass the “unsafe” area. This Snake Repeller will provide a brief vibration every 90 seconds. The pattern/frequency of the vibration will change all the time. This variable vibration is more effective to keep snakes away compared with other Snake Repellers in the market as the snake could get used to a fixed frequency of vibration. The Solar panel on the top of the repeller collects energy that is stored in a 3.7 V li-Ion rechargeable battery. When the battery is fully charged, it can supply enough power for around the clock operation even during overcast days.