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Royal Canin Medium Adult Dry Dog Food Is Delicious And Nutritious With Many Health Benefits
  • Complete and balanced nutrition for adult medium breed dogs (11 - 25 kg) from 12 months to 7 years old

Immune System Health

  • Helps support your dog’s natural defences thanks to a patented complex of antioxidants together with manno-oligosaccharides

Optimal Weight

  • Helps to maintain an ideal weight thanks to adapted energy intake (14% fat and 3483kcal/kg measured energy)

Digestive Health

  • Ensures optimal digestibility thanks to an exclusive formula including very high-quality proteins and a balanced supply of dietary fibre

Healthy Skin

  • Enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA-DHA) to help maintain optimal skin condition 

Enhanced Palatability

  • Selected natural flavours, special size, shape and texture of kibble make it easy to consume
  • Satisfies even the fussiest of appetites by means of its formulation and a selection of exclusive flavourings

Royal Canin Medium Puppy/Junior Dry Dog Food Is Complete And Balanced Nutrition With Many Health Benefits For Young Pups

Complete and balanced nutrition for medium breed puppies (adult weight from 11 - 25 kg) 2 - 12 months of age

Immune System Support

  • The patented complex of antioxidants, including vitamin E, help support your growing puppy's immune system 

Digestive Health

  • Combination of nutrients with high-quality protein (LIP protein selected for its high digestibility) and prebiotics (FOS) to support digestive health and balance of intestinal flora, which contribute to good stool quality 

High Energy Content

  • Meets the high energy needs of medium breed puppies which have a short growth period
  • Takes into account digestive sensitivity and satisfies fussy appetites

Skeletal System Development

  • Helps ensure robust skeletal development due to an adapted intake of calcium and phosphorus