Plastic Plants - Ball Tip Leaf Assorted

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A beautiful, realistic plant ornament to add some spark to your fish tank!

  • An easy way to add colour or change the appearance of your tank
  • Ideal for foreground highlights creating a three-dimensional lush aquarium landscape
  • Adding natural, life-like ornaments to your aquarium creates a nurturing and comforting environment for your fishy friend
  • Secure the plant by placing the weighted base into the gravel of your tank and cover
  • The leaves are incredibly life-like and made of durable plastic
  • The circular base is made of small rocks with a smooth, moulded bottom and sides
  • Each plant is individually hand-crafted
  • Bright and colourful colours, picked for you at random to add extra excitement
  • Non-toxic and safe for freshwater or saltwater marine life


  • Each plant is 8cm in height and 5-7cm in width   
  • Base - 4.5cm diameter