Oliver Knott Natural Water Purification 300ml

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Oliver Knot Organics Remover range provides excellent biofiltration of nitrogenous waste by the highly porous pumice bio-media. Because of the unique volcanic structure, our product has the ability to reduce ammonia, nitrite and nitrates whilst removing organics. Organics Remover doesn’t require replacement, rinse
and reuse. Can be used in all types of filters, wet or wet/dry .

  • Highly porous natural biofiltration
  • Platform for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria
  • Restricts ammonia, nitrite and nitrate
  • Premium volcanic pumice matrix
  • Sourced from New Zealand Taupo Volcanoes
  • Use as a filter media or in a media sock

    Use 50mL of Organics Remover for each 40L (10.5 US gallons) of water. Can be used directly in any kind of filter or a sock. Effectiveness increases with canister filters.