Honolua Happiness Lead

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The Honolua Happiness Lead is inspired by the magical Hawaiian island, this lead inspires thoughts of the summer sunshine, bleached white sand and palm trees blowing gently in the wind.

The Fuzzy Clan dog leashes are hand-stitched using polyester, neoprene and iron (waste bag holder and accessory clip).

The polyester material is of high quality and durable, ensuring that your dog will be unable to chew through the lead.

Fuzzy Clan Leads have a padded neoprene handle and include a convenient D-ring below the handle that allows for the easy attachment of keys, accessories and waste bag holders.

Sizing Guide

Fuzzy Clan dog leashes are a standard length of 152cm (5 foot) and suitable for all dog sizes.

Lead Care

A gentle hand wash will ensure that your Fuzzy Clan Dog Leash retains that new look for longer.