Flexiscape Staghorn Assorted

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Aqua One Flexiscape Staghorn Assorted Colours 13cm 

The Aqua One Flexiscape silicone plant and ornament range allow you to create a visually stunning set up from
the array of luminous colours, styles and sizes.

Colours may vary depending on availability. If you have a preferred colour please let us know and we will do our best to fulfill this.

  • Plants appear vibrant and fluorescent under blue LED lighting
  • A natural ‘swaying’ movement of the plant is achievable with high water flow, creating a mesmerizing display
  • Effortlessly creates an aesthetically pleasing aquarium with the range
  • Made from aquarium safe, non toxic silicone
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Long-lasting
  • Available in variety of styles
  • Suitable for Coldwater and Freshwater Tropical
  • Cost effective – Durable and long-lasting with minimal maintenance
  • Soft silicone plants are perfect for fish and their delicate fins
  • Shelf ready packaging is easy to open and display (available in multi packs only)
  • Wash plants in warm, clean water (DO NOT use detergents of any type).
  • Arrange groupings of several styles and sizes together and gently position plant base into the aquarium substrate.
  • Includes x1 staghorn