Kazoo Clean N' Shine Nylon Bone Chicken

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Dogs love to chew, and it is best to give them something interesting to chew on. When there's a tempting chicken-flavoured bone available, they're less likely to attack your shoes, cushions, or furniture! The nylon bone should handle enthusiastic chewers with strong bite strength. Our Kazoo Chew N Shine Nylon Bone Chicken has several beneficial characteristics, including:

  • It cleans teeth effectively by removing tartar or other such build-ups.
  • The bone is made from durable nylon material so it will last for a long without damage.
  • The chicken flavour lasts for a long time, so you won't need to replace the bone too often.
  • This bone is antimicrobial. It will kill 99% of all bacteria, fungi, and mould.

The Kazoo Chew N Shine Nylon Bone is available in the following sizes:

  • Small 11 cm long.
  • Medium 15 cm long.
  • Large 18 cm long.

Choose a bone that will most satisfy your pet and will be easy to carry around. It is best to let small dogs have small to medium-sized bones. Larger breeds will enjoy a large bone.