Hideout Cat Bed - Mud

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I may look like a cool cat, but being a kitty can be rather stressful.

Us cats get comfort and security from enclosed spaces where we feel safe from the threats of modern day life. The Hideout cat bed has a soft, floppy top which is purrfect for creating a kitty sanctuary. We can burrow down into the soft bed and be covered whilst having a safe peek-out zone where we can observe and not be seen. Pawfect!

The high raised padded walls with soft shag fabric imitates a mother’s fur, helping us cats to relax and feel at ease. Great for kittens and rescue pets.

Great for small dogs too:
It’s not only cats that like to hide out from the world. Great for small anxious dogs too! A pawfect bed for pets who are home alone all day and need some extra comfort and security. 

Width: 68cm
Depth: 68cm
Height: 15cm