Kazoo Dog Groomer 2600 Hair Clippers

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The Kazoo Dog Groomer 2600 is a lightweight, electric trimmer designed to help you easily clip and groom your dog’s coat at home. This lightweight and efficient tool is perfect for cutting and shaping excess fur and can be used on a variety of coat lengths thanks to the adjustable blade action, allowing you optimal control to effortlessly blend your pet’s coat to a natural finish. The key features of the Kazoo Dog Groomer 2600 are:
  • Efficient and reliable pivot motor trimmer suitable for most dog breeds.
  • Uses the latest cutting-edge blade technology to provide precision trimming.
  • Adjustable side-lever allows you to quickly reposition blades according to required hair length.
  • Lightweight and easy-to-handle for your comfort.
  • Quiet to help minimise and reduce stress in anxious pets.
  • Can be used for everyday trimming and all-over clipping.
  • Recommended for both domestic and show use.
  • Rechargeable for regular use.